The history of our school


The primary school in Suchy Las was built in 1862 in Strażacka street.  It was extended in 1905 and it functioned as a school for a long time. The building survived the time of the First and the Second World Wars. It became a dwelling house after the new school had been built. Teachers have been living there with their families up till now.


On the 28th of November 1955 the resolution to build the school was approved on. After eight years, the building was solemnly opened in Szkolna street.


The celebration of giving the school the name of Wojciech Boguslawski took place on the 28th of November 1965.


The school was extended on account of the growing number of children. After a 16-month-builidng, the new school wing opened on the 21st of September 1998.

1999 – 2001

Joint Schools of Suchy Las were founded in 1999 and they included the Primary school and the Middle school.

The Primary school was attended by 447 students and the Middle School by 81 students.

There were 40 teachers in both schools.

Since 1998 students have been making use of the new sports facilities: the football pitch, two basketball courts and the course.


The 50th anniversary of school activity was celebrated in 2005. On the 25th November there was an official unveiling of the memorial to mark the anniversary. It was placed on the rock on the school playground (next to the Millenium Oak). The inscription on the memorial says: “ The past is the content of our identity … John Paul the Second at the 50th anniversary of the Primary School in Suchy Las 1955- 2005”.


An important event in the history of the school was the 250th anniversary of the birth of its patron – Wojciech Boguslawski – “the father of the Polish theatre”.  The school was given new colours then.


On the 26th of April the Room of Patron officially opened.  You can find there much information about the school patron – Wojciech Boguslawski.


In the school year 2010 – 2011 there are 28 classes with 656 students (including 20 children in the ‘O’ class). According to the new curriculum reform introduced in 2008, one out of all first classes is the class with six-year-old children.

At the moment 52 teachers are employed in the school.

Since the 1st of September 2010 the school has implemented the project “Po szkole fajnie jest” (“The school is also fun after classes”) financed by the European Union. It is supposed to level the opportunities for students with a more difficult access to education. There are various types of lessons within the project: Polish and Maths classes for 1-6 students, IT and new technology classes, sports classes and “Robusiowa ortografia” where the new methods of mental techniques (so called mnemotechniques) are used.

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