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Our Patron

Wojciech Boguslawski (1757 – 1829)

Wojciech Boguslawski was born in Glinno which is nowadays located in the area of Suchy Las commune. He spent most of his life travelling around Poland with his drama troupe, however he never forgot his home town.

Wojciech Boguslawski earned his place in the history books as a dedicated fighter for a Polish word as well as the founder of Polish national scene. He was simultaneously an actor, a director and an educator of the young generation of actors. He fought against Italian monopoly on opera. Moreover, he wrote numerous plays and translated them into Polish.

One of his best known play is “Cud mniemany czyli Krakowiacy i górale” which was performed for the first time during the Kosciuszko Insurrection.

In 1965 our school was given the name of Wojciech Boguslawski. Every April we celebrate our patron’s birthday.

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